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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Finished the Challenge? Let Us Know!

Because some of you are just rabid readers, I've decided to set up the Mr. Linky for wrap ups for those of you who have finished the challenge. Please link directly to your wrap up post (not the main page of your blog). For those of you without a blog, just leave a comment on this post letting us know you finished and how many books you read.

1. Jesus care
2. Anastasius Djaya
3. Caitlin @ chaotic compendiums
4. damnvixen
5. Reading With Tequila
6. Beverly Gotthardt
7. Becky (Page Turners)
8. Judith (Reader in the Wilderness)
9. Shonna (Canadian Bookworm)
10. Cafeshree
11. Tony (Tony's Reading List)
12. otterevilreads
13. Melissa (Avid Reader)
14. Lynne
15. Michelle (That's What She Read)
16. pinuccia in Turkey
17. Jules - (Jules' Book Reviews)
18. The Feminist Texican [Reads]
19. Cat(Tell Me A Story)
20. Pam (100 Books. 100 Journeys)
21. Zoe (In The Next Room)
22. Melissa
23. Alyce (At Home With Books)
24. Stepford Mum
25. Cutestlilbookworm
26. Amanda R.
27. Violette
28. Alysha DeShaƩ -- Wrap-Up
29. Kati
30. Elena
31. Nan's Corner of the Web
32. Abigail [no book blog :(]
33. Kaye @ Pudgy Penguin Perusals
34. Rahdragonfly
35. Brittanie (A Book Lover)
36. Kim (Reflections of a Book Addict)
37. Melwyk (Indextrious Reader)
38. Sarah (A Rat in the Book Pile)
39. Christina (Ardent Reader)
40. Julie (Reading Without Restraint)
41. Margaret @ Creative Madness Mama
42. Shonna (Canadian Bookworm)
43. Alicia (Fall of Giants, 985)
44. Violette - Mystery Bookshelf


  1. Nice photo, and great challenge, i have read many book but most of the books is about Christianity and computer. by the way, your blog is unique

  2. I've finished the level I initially signed up for (Chubby Chunkster) but given that I've finished it already, before the end of April, am I able to 'upgrade' to 6 chunksters by the end of the challenge?

    I think I can do it!

  3. As you will see from my post I started reading and couldn't stop until the end. So I hope this qualifies for my sign up and my finish up. I love challenges, looking for some more, any suggestions? granybg@yahoo.com
    If I didn't do it right, let me know.

  4. We're just past the summer solstice, but it seems I've read nearly a handful of chunksters this year, and I think it's time I joined the challenge!

    I must say, though, that I don't prefer my books to be chunksters. It seems that a number of those I feel are worth reading turn out to be chunksters! Just finished Matterhorn and am now moving on to Julie Orringer's The Invisible Bridge.

  5. I finished the challenge I set, but as you can see from my link, I am upgrading to Mor-bookly obese as I think I've got the time to do it.

  6. Having already polished off ten, I'm aiming for twenty for the year now, and I'd also like to get a few 750+ books under my belt by the end of the challenge (maybe even a couple of 1000+ novels!).

  7. whoops! i accidentally 'signed up' here in the 'finished' section... :/

  8. No problem, Orly - I've deleted the link for you :)

  9. I signed up for 4, but managed 5. Very good challenge, thank you!

  10. One of my favorite challenges! I completed my 3 books at the 1st level. Looking forward to signing up again in 2011.

  11. I didn't complete most of my challenges but I did complete this one! I'll be signing up again for 2011. Thanks for hosting!

  12. Fun challenge, thanks for hosting!

  13. Had a bumper chunkster year in 2010, am raring to go again in 2011. Thanks for a great challenge!

  14. Found out about this challenge, and coincidentally am reading a 784 pager right now, so I'm excited. I'm signing up for the more-bookly obese.


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