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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chunky Book Club - To Be or Not to Be?

In 2012, we decided to try something new here on the Chunkster Challenge: a chunky book club which did not require participants to join the challenge, AND any format of book was acceptable.

Initially, there seemed to be some interest in this concept, so we provided a poll for book selections and went forward. Unfortunately, we did not have the level of participation we would have liked. So, now we are re-thinking the idea. Should we offer a book club in 2013 or not?

We would love your input!

Please consider taking the two polls in the sidebar of this blog (the polls are open through the 19th of this month). Also we would love to hear your comments on this post. If we do the book club again, what should we change? What should stay the same? If you didn't participate, what would encourage you to do so? If you did participate, what was your experience like? If we offer the book club, should we continue to offer it 4 times a year (every three months)? Less? More?

Thanks in advance for your input...this blog is meant to be for YOU, the readers of all things chunky so we value your opinion!


  1. If you are doing it for the love of discussion, then you should do it, as long as you have a few people posting.
    If you are doing it for the amount of people, then you may not want to do it.

    Just a thought!

  2. I follow your blog, and haven't participated in discussions quite yet, but I'd like to in 2013! I'd be sorry to see you go. This is a really neat site.

  3. Thanks for weighing in, Rebecca - good point. But in a couple of instances we only had one person join in :) So it really needs to be at least more than that in order for it to work!

    Anonymous: Thanks for letting us know you are interested in 2013!!

  4. I really enjoyed reading the chunksters for the club this year, but I wasn't always good about remembering the discussions. I would love for it to continue, and will vow to be better about it in 2013. :)

  5. I certainly intended to join in this past year but went down with heart failure and struggled to do anything at all - am recovering well now but from April - Novemebr I have only been able to manage quite light reading in between being asleep:( so yes please if there is another chance next year I will be up for it - I'm back for the challenge - I did manage that before I got ill:) I don't mind how they are chosen - I was using the lib. for King and had to wait for it (pop.I guess) so started it late. Will apply as soon as the list is posted if the group runs again. I bought the others but haven't read them yet - they may be the start of my challenge read 2013:)

    1. I'm so sorry to hear you were so ill this past year, Alberta...and I certainly understand how life can derail our best efforts! Glad to hear you are feeling better and would be interested in reading for the book club again.

  6. I didn't realize you had changed the format. I wish I had known. I kept track of my books read and page totals this year. Assuming I finish my current book (not a chunkster) by the 31st, I will have read 80 books for the year. This is the same as 2011 with one exception, I read only a few (3-5) chunksters in 2011. In 2012, I read 13 chunksters.
    I'll bookmark your site and look for a chance to join in for 2013.


    1. JHM: The format for the CHALLENGE is the same (congrats on the great reading for that challenge in 2012!)...BUT we have also now added a book club which is separate from the challenge (that's what this post is all about!). I hope you'll consider the joining the book club as well as the challenge in 2013!

  7. Well, I for one would love to see the book club up again in 2013. I don't remember how the titles were chosen last year -- maybe we could suggest titles we are interested in? I could only read one of the four chosen titles in 2012 and the discussion never took off on that one...
    Oh, also, I know that another site sends email reminders for group reads, maybe that could help?


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