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Monday, April 30, 2012

Beatriz Williams: Author Guest Post and Giveaway

Overseas by Beatriz Williams
464 pages
ISBN 978-0399157646
Putnam Adult (May 10, 2012)

Today I am delighted to share a guest post by author Beatriz Williams along with a give away of her debut novel, Overseas.

Beatriz Williams is a graduate of Stanford University with an MBA from Columbia. She spent several years in New York and London working first as a corporate and communications strategy consultant, and then as an "at-home producer of small persons." She now lives with her husband and four children near the Connecticut shore, where she divides her time between writing and laundry. Overseas is her first novel.

Learn more about Williams and her work by visiting the author's website. You may also find the author at her blog, on Twitter and on Facebook.

When I requested a guest post by Beatriz Williams, I was asked to suggest some topics. After reading about her new book, I thought exploring the topic of Love in the 21st Century would be an excellent choice...and Beatriz agreed, writing:
Wendy, let me first say how thrilled I was when I saw your list of suggested topics for this guest post! You really understood what I was trying to convey with the love story between Julian and Kate -- namely, the vast distance between courtship and love a hundred years ago and the way it plays out today, and what that means for young men and women. I'm so excited to have the opportunity to natter on about it here -- thank you!
So, I am very happy to present this guest post to all of you - ENJOY!

Love in the 21st Century 

by Beatriz Williams 
At a cocktail party the other night, the subject of Spreadsheet Guy came up for discussion. You may have heard of him: some poor geek of an investment banker who organized his dating contacts from Match.com into an Excel spreadsheet of eye-watering sophistication, complete with color coding and alphanumeric scoring. As spreadsheets go, it was a work of art. His only mistake, according to my friends at the party? He forwarded it -- heaven knows why -- to one of the women on the list.

So much has changed from the start of the First World War through the calamitous, miraculous century that followed, and nothing more profoundly than the conduct of courtship. When the idea for Overseas -- a brilliant young British infantry officer, in the doomed tradition of Rupert Brooke and Julian Grenfell, walking the streets of modern-day Manhattan -- first appeared in my brain, I wanted to dismiss it. I've always considered myself a writer of historical fiction, drawn to the intricate virtues of the past, and had never even tried a contemporary voice.

But the lure was irresistible. In Julian, I had the personification of romantic Edwardian youth -- dashing heedlessly off to slaughter, writing poetry amid the rats and mud -- now deposited into the irony and cynicism of twenty-first century Manhattan. In Kate, I had an independent young woman immersed in the casual dating scene of college and Wall Street, whose expectations of men had fallen so low she'd given up on the little dears altogether. What would happen when these two opposite poles came together?

To modern ears, Julian's expressions of chivalry and romanticism may seem excessive. In fact, they're largely culled from the historical record. In 1915, Vera Brittain wrote to her fiancé Roland Leighton, expressing impatience that he'd been kissing her photograph goodnight when he'd never kissed her in person. He wrote back from the trenches: "When it is all finished and I am with her again the original shall not envy the photograph. The barrier which She seems to have found was not of reserve but rather of reverence. But may it not perhaps be better that such sweet sacrilege should be an anticipation rather than a memory?"

Roland would be killed eight months later by a German sniper, at the age of twenty.

Naturally,Vera (an early feminist) found such rituals of courtship confining. But from where we stand at the opposite end, as men organize their romantic prospects into spreadsheets, ranked according to perceived physical beauty, the notion of sex and love as something sacred, not be undertaken lightly, seems breathtakingly...well, sexy.

What do you think? Has courtship changed for the worse since the summer of 1914? Or does our increased freedom balance out any loss of romance? What's your experience of love in the 21st century?


Contest open from May 1, 2012 - May 9, 2012 (at 5:00 pm PST) 

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