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Friday, January 7, 2011

TWO Exceptions for Rules of 2011 Challenge

Thank you to those readers who pointed out that due to disability, some readers may have no choice but to use an e-reader or audiobook.

So there are exceptions for the rules of No audiobooks and No e-books as follows:
  • Those readers who have a disability which excludes them from reading traditional books, may be excepted from the two rules and may substitute audio or e-books.
  • If you fit the criteria for exception, please use the page count for the traditional book as your number of pages.
  • You do NOT need to ask me for the exception. This challenge is based on the honor system. So if you have a disability, then take the exception and sign up as you normally would sign up.
  • Please do not take the exception just because it is more convenient for you to listen to a book or use an e-reader, or because it is easier.You must actually have a disability in order to be eligible for the exception.
Hope this will put people at ease and clear up any misunderstandings.

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