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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Chunky Book Club: Reads Scheduled for 2012

The votes have been cast. The poll is now closed...and we have FOUR clear winners for the books we will be reading and discussing this year.

The four books for the year are:
  1. The Fall of Giants by Ken Follett (52.1% of the vote)
  2. 11/22/63 by Stephen King (47.9% of the vote)
  3. The Invisible Bridge by Julie Orringer (37.5% of the vote)
  4. The Memory of Love by Aminatta Forna (31.3% of the vote)
 Below is the schedule for our 2012 Chunky Book Club:

March 2012: 11/22/63 by Stephen King

June 2012: The Memory of Love by Aminatta Forna

September 2012: Fall of Giants by Ken Follett

December 2012: The Invisible Bridge by Julie Orringer

If you are planning to participate in these book club reads, I hope you will consider subscribing to the blog. Posts about the selected books will begin appearing at the beginning of the month for each book and discussion will begin on the 15th of each month EXCEPT for December when questions will begin posting on the 5th (due to the holidays).

Vasilly and I are REALLY excited about the book club and we hope you will consider joining us for one, two, three or all four discussions! Remember, you do NOT need to join the challenge to participate in the book club (although, of course, you are welcome to do both!).


  1. A couple of these are on my shelves and I've been looking for an excuse to bump them up the list; I'm hoping that "reading in company" makes it more enticing to read longer books this year, instead of always opting for the "lighter" (physically speaking) choice!

  2. Yay - glad you'll be joining us!

  3. I'm so excited! I'm working on my sign-up post for the Chunkster Challenge and I just happened to check out the schedule. I will be joining you for 11/22/63 and Fall of Giants! I'm all subscribed. =O)

  4. I know that audiobooks don't count for the Chunkster Challenge, but can we use audiobooks for the Chunky Book Club discussions?

  5. So glad you're participating, Michelle!

    Carrie: YES - there are no restrictions re: how books are read for the Book Club :) The two events (Challenge vs. Book Club) are separate from each other (although participants may choose to do both).

  6. Yay - I'm requested 11/22/63 on audio from my library - so hoping they get it in time!

  7. this will be first Stephen King I will have read so exciting - maybe I'll think he is as great as everyone else:) looking forward

  8. These selections look great! I'm on the waiting list for 11/22/63 now, but I'm not sure it will be 'my turn' in time for the readalong!

  9. I will definitely participate in the June discussion, I bought The Memory of Love months ago and now I have more motivation to get it read.

  10. I finished reading 11/22/1963 on my vacation and have to say I LOVED IT!!!

  11. I'm excited to read all your comments here! Looking forward to discussing the chunksters with you all this year!


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